Analog signal converters CC range
    IFBR 06
    Product range for analog signal processing,Universally configurable devices and single-function devices Adjustment and operating elements on the front side ......
    Pramary switch mode power supplies CP-E range
    IFBR 06
    Output voltages 5v,12v,24v,48v DC
    Adjustable output voltages
    Primary switch mode power supplies CP-T range
    IFBR 06

    Rated output voltage24v,48v dc.
    Output voltage adjustable via front-face rotary potentiometer"OUTPUT Adjust"
    Rated output currents 5A,10A,20A,40A

    Application hand book measuring and monitoring relays
    IFBR 06
    Contrast sensor Basic print mark recognition Compact size Color sensors LOGIPAL 4 color channels Adjustable color tolerance Quick response time of 0,34 ms Different spot sizes Output PNP/NPN ......
    Electronic Measuring & Monitoring Relays
    IFBR 06
    Precise distance measuring up to 13 m Virtually independent of the object condition Highest resolution up to 2 μm Suitable for high-speed processes Measuring range can be individually set u Extremely compact housing Completely integrated evaluation electronics High ambient light immunity High temperature stability Protection class IP 67 ......
    Electronic Timers CT range
    IFBR 06
    Measuring range up to 2500 mm Individual measuring range adjustable Reliable sensing of highly reflective and transparent surfaces Tolerant of dust and dirt Suitable for level measurement of liquids, granulates and pastes Narrow and wide sonic beam angles Protection class IP 67 ......
    Interface Relays
    IFBR 06
    High-resolution up to 0,05 μm Absolute distance measuring up to 16 mm High repeat accuracy Quick response time up to 0,5 ms Low temperature drift Linearized output signals External signal processing unnecessary With Teach-in functions ......
    Logic relays & display systems
    Smallest deviations in series production Extremely temperature-stable High switching frequency Enhanced distance Miniature sensors Several housing lengths per dimension Expanded temperature ranges Protection class IP 67 Output PNP/NPN ......  
    Relays & Optocoupler
    IFBR 06
    Housing of stainless steel 1.4404 (V4A) Compact and extremely robust versions Protection class IP 69K Expanded temperature ranges Output PNP/NPN ......
    Serial data converters
    IFBR 06
    High switching point accuracy Small series variance Extremely temperature-stable High switching frequency Wide product range Output PNP/NPN ......
    Solid State Relays
    IFBR 06
    Robust stainless steel housing proTect+ sealing concept Protection class IP 68 / IP 69K EHEDG-certified Expanded temperature ranges Enhanced sensing distance ......